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Tips for Moving Heavy Furniture

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Tips for Moving Heavy Furniture

tips for moving furniture before carpet cleaning
There are many ways you might need to move heavy furniture in your home. Not only could heavy furniture damage your floors, but it could also be incredibly dangerous to move it improperly.
Before you start moving your furniture, you should carefully plot out how it will be moved — and you should be prepared to spend some time doing so.

  • Don’t try to lift heavy furniture. Heavy furniture should be slid instead of being lifted, though you do need to protect your flooring before you attempt this. Lifting increases the chances that the furniture could be damaged in transit, and also that someone could experience a back injury.pretty lady placing furniture slider underneath loveseat


  • Use floor sliders underneath heavy furniture. Floor sliders fit under furniture legs so that the furniture can be slid to another position safely. This is especially useful over carpet, because it means the furniture won’t snag or damage it. There are different types of sliders depending on the type of floor you have, and they can easily be purchased at hardware stores such as Home Depot or Lowes.


  • Always move furniture with another person. If an item is heavy, you should have someone else around — not only to help you balance it, but also in case something happens and the item begins to fall.

young man struggling to move furniture

  • Disassemble furniture when possible. If your furniture has drawers or some other removable components, you should disassemble it. This will make it lighter and easier to move. If your furniture has drawers that can’t be removed, you should tape them shut before trying to move it. Otherwise they may open in transit and throw you off balance.


  • Try not to tilt your furniture. Tilting your furniture increases the chances that it could fall, and also potentially weakens joints, which could permanently damage it.

There are very few items within a home that can’t be moved safely with at least two people — you just need to take it slow and be careful. If you begin to feel like a piece of furniture is unsafe or may topple, you should stop immediately. Don’t forget that you don’t always have to move your furniture, either. If you’re moving it for something like a carpet cleaning, the professionals at Power Pup Clean can assist you with moving light furniture, or alternatively, the technicians can clean around your heavy furniture as well. If you’re moving your furniture to another location, there are also other techniques and equipment you may want to consider using, here.

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