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Don’t throw away that mattress just because it’s stained! Professional mattress cleaning services can help you keep your mattresses clean and healthy. A professional mattress cleaning will reduce the dust in your mattress, improving your air and sleep quality. Reduce asthma attacks and allergies and eliminate stains and damage through mattress cleaners.

The Process of Professional Mattress Cleaning

A professional mattress cleaning begins with pre-treatment. During the pre-treatment process, the cleaner will spot clean any stains on the mattress. A good cleaning service will use safe, eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Once the stains have been treated, the entire mattress will be rinsed with hot water and a cleaning solution.

The mattress will then air dry with a sanitization solution, which will prevent bacterial growth. If you try to clean your mattress at home and dry it on your own, a lack of sanitizing solution could cause mold and mildew. Professional cleaners are able to air dry a mattress safely, making sure that it smells fresh and clean, and that it’s healthy and safe for your family to use.

Treating Allergies through Professional Mattress Cleaning

Dust accumulates fairly easily in a mattress. Your skin alone sends dust down into the mattress. If you have pets, such as dogs and cats, that use your mattress, the dust problem will also be compounded. Dander, pollen, and all other particulates will collect in the mattress. Over the years, this can start triggering allergies and other issues.

A professional mattress cleaning will rinse out this dust, reducing your allergy issues. You’ll get a like new mattress that’s fresh and clean, without having to invest in a brand new mattress. In addition to reducing dust and allergens, a professional cleaning company can also use an anti-allergen treatment, which can reduce allergies for months after the cleaning process has been completed.

Getting Rid of Stains With a Mattress Cleaning in Seattle WA

What do you do when your mattress gets stained? It’s extremely difficult to deal with mattress stains. You need a professional. If you try to deal with stains on your own, you’ll often just spread them deeper into the mattress. The stains will eventually come back.

Cleaning a mattress isn’t easy. Trying to wash out stains can lead to moisture leaking into the mattress itself, which won’t dry. This can lead to mold and mildew growing in the core of your mattress, or the mattress itself becoming musty.

Professionals have equipment that can be used to clean a mattress easily and thoroughly. This specialized equipment will clean the mattress thoroughly and dry it with a sanitization solution, eliminating dust and stains right away.

Improving Your Mattress Hygiene and Removing Mattress Odors

Over time, mattresses can accumulate both stains and odors. If you’ve had your mattress for more than a few years, it’s likely that it could use some freshening up. But what can you do when your mattress has accumulated odors? You can keep spraying it with odor-capturing sprays, but that just layers another scent onto the mattress.

When you get your mattress professionally cleaned, you can get rid of any distracting odors, such as pets, or smoke. Your professional cleaner will be able to restore it to like new condition, which will make it easier for you to sleep.

You Spend the Majority of Your Time Asleep

The single most extensive thing most people do is: sleep. You spend most of your time at home asleep on your bed, and that means that you need to take care of your mattress. Your mattress impacts how well you sleep. Odors and stains can be distracting, leave you feeling unclean, or make it hard for you to be comfortable.

A restful sleep is key to a healthy and happy life in many ways. When you sleep well, you find yourself more energetic and able to concentrate. A good night’s sleep leads to a better mood.

A Mattress is an Investment: Keep It Clean

Many mattresses are anywhere from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars. You don’t want to replace your mattress every time it gets a little dirty. Cleaning your home professionally is an excellent way to give your investment a little longevity. You can clean an old mattress instead of having to replace it entirely.

Cleaning your old mattress will also reduce the general wear-and-tear on it. When dust accumulates, it can cause the fibers of the mattress to get torn and damaged. When the dust is removed from the mattress, this is less of an issue, and the mattress itself will start to break down less. If you have an expensive mattress, it’s worth it to take this extra step.

Mattress Cleaning for Seattle WA Pet Owners

If you have dogs or cats, you likely need your mattress cleaned more frequently than most. That’s true even if you don’t let your pets on the bed. Just having pets in the same room as your bed means that dust and dander will collect. And if the dander gets into your HVAC system, it’ll end up on your mattress eventually.

Of course, most of the dust on your mattress is actually going to come from you. Your own skin gets on your mattress and your body reacts as though it’s something foreign, thereby becoming an allergen itself. But dog and cat dander will also make the allergic reaction worse.

Cleaner Mattresses for Your Children

Children can be more susceptible to allergies, as well as issues with asthma. If your child has issues with breathing and breathing quality, you should consider cleaning their mattresses. Children’s mattresses can get dirty much faster than adult’s mattresses, but it’s easy to keep them clean with a professional cleaning service.

Childhood asthma is very common, and it’s often exacerbated through allergens in a house. If your air quality is poor, your children may experience additional issues, and mattresses are one of the major things that can contribute to poor air quality. Rather than having to replace your child’s mattress every few years, you can instead invest in a cleaning service.

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