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At Power Pup Clean, we’re all for change, especially when it brings something good. That’s why we use carpet cleaning methods that are different from most other carpet cleaners in the area, including a special encapsulation and extraction method that uses less water while still delivering superior results, so it’s kinder to the environment. Plus, we don’t use harsh chemical cleaners, opting instead for environmentally-friendly options that are safe for kids and pets too.

As a top carpet cleaner in King County and throughout the Puget Sound and Olympic Peninsula, we don’t just offer top-quality carpet cleaning – we also offer a complete range of cleaning services to get your home or your business looking – and smelling – its freshest best, including:

  • area rug cleaning
  • tile and grout cleaning
  • upholstery cleaning
  • hardwood floors cleaning
  • pet stain removal

Our state-of-the-art steam cleaning techniques reach deep down to remove dirt, grime and oils that can make fabrics, fibers and hard surfaces look dull, dingy and dirty. And because our methods use less water than most other carpet cleaning companies, you can start using your floors and furniture a lot sooner.

Ready to make your home or business look and smell its best? Give Power Pup Clean a call today at (206) 931-8758.

King County cities we serve:

King County Carpet Cleaning Service Area

About King County, Washington

If Washington had been on the East Coast, the name King County might have derived, like so many other colonial provinces, as an homage to the English royal family. But being on the West Coast, the name’s derivation is a little different – and possibly even more interesting. Initially, King County was named for William King, who was Vice President when Washington Territory was initially established. Pretty bland stuff. But in the late 1980s, a motion was introduced to change the historical basis of the name to honor Martin Luther King Jr., who visited the county twice. In 2005, the change became official when the governor signed it into law.

As it turns out, the county is used to making some pretty major changes, beginning with a decrease in the county’s size. Originally, King County was larger, and included a portion of the Olympic Peninsula. But when abolitionists from those parts started efforts to shut down Seattle’s saloons, a movement to secede was introduced that severed the Peninsula – and the teetotalers – from King County, and Seattle residents were free to continue to imbibe.

Best King County Carpet Cleaner

All King County residents today can rest assured they will get the best cleaning services when they hire Power Pup Clean. Call us today at (206) 931-8758!

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