Boat Carpet Cleaning Services

Cruises, yachts, and boats — cleaning is a chore. But when it comes to hospitality and luxury, there’s nothing more important than cleanliness. As the salt and sea water attempt to weather away your ship’s decor, a good carpet cleaning service can come to its rescue. Carpet cleaning is a necessity, whether you’re hitting the high seas or ferrying from shore to shore. From odor removal to sanitizing, we’ve got you covered.

Carpet Cleaning for Every Vessel

Cruise ships, yachts, boats, ferries, cargo ships, and more — if it’s seaworthy, we can clean it. Boats and ships experience large amounts of moisture and humidity, which can make keeping the carpets clean a challenge. Even worse, they also experience large amounts of on and off traffic. With passengers coming and going constantly, it is prohibitively difficult to keep the carpet clean on your own. Why take on the overhead when you can have it done for you?

  • Cruise ships and ferries see a tremendous amount of on and off traffic, which means high traffic areas are going to have to be protected — and recreation areas will need stain treatments and regular cleaning.
  • Private yachts deal with both moisture and salt, which can settle into the carpet and be difficult to remove. We offer low moisture cleaning techniques, with specialized methods designed to extract salt from carpets.
  • Cargo ships regularly transport hundreds or thousands of items, which may also include industrial or mechanical objects that leave residue behind. These objects can be bulky and heavy, contributing to wear-and-tear.

Don’t just use any carpet cleaning company. Use a carpet cleaning company that has expertise.

Dirty Ship Carpets Mean Unhappy Passengers and Guests

What happens when your ship’s carpet becomes dirty and stained? Not only can the odor of the carpet become unpleasant, but the carpet itself may begin to grow mold or mildew. Eventually, the dirt and mold in the carpet will provoke allergies or other reactions. It can even be dangerous to the health of passengers with weak immune systems, such as children and the elderly.

Dirty carpets can’t be ignored or avoided; the dirt will be visible to passengers as they embark. If you’re running a cruise ship, ferry, or other passenger-focused vessel, the last thing you want is a ship that looks unclean. Even if the carpet has been cleaned, set in stains can give the appearance of a lack of maintenance. 

And if you have a private yacht? The last experience you want to subject your guests to is an unclean ship!

Protect Your Investment With Cruise Ship Carpet Cleaning

boat carpet cleaningOver time, your ship’s carpet won’t just collect dirt — it’ll collect salt. These fine grains of salt will wedge themselves into your carpeting, eventually leading to fuzzy, frayed carpet that looks far older than it is. Regular cleaning will extract this salt and protect your carpeting from premature aging, ensuring that it looks and feels like new for a long time to come.

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