Carpet Cleaning Services to Protect Your Family From Dangerous Viruses

With over 1,000,000 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus in the United States, people across the country have turned their attention to keeping themselves and their families safe in the face of this pandemic. Health leaders have also regularly told people that the virus can live on various surfaces for hours or even days at a time. Meanwhile, those infected can go as long as two weeks before they even show symptoms. Altogether, this presents a frightening picture that has left many of our customers wanting to know what they can do to keep their homes clean and safe to protect their loved ones.

Here is our advice.

Disinfecting commonly touched surfaces

Most people understand the importance of social distancing and have taken the necessary precautions to limit their ventures into the outside world. However, commonly touched areas such as doorknobs, countertops, and light switches should be wiped down with disinfectants regularly. This is because anyone coming into your home, even you and your family, likely touch these surfaces even before they have had the chance to wash their hands. This makes them a common spot for viruses to thrive.

Keep the air in your home fresh

Doctors and researchers have also warned that this virus can be airborne. Therefore, we recommend that people regularly air out their homes and use high-grade filters that can help to eliminate any airborne viruses and bacteria. This will help your entire family breathe easier.

Clean soft surfaces

The soft surfaces throughout your home can also contain a lot of viruses and bacteria. Germs can be tracked in on people’s shoes and clothes and quickly lead to contamination on your carpets, rugs, and upholstery. Taking the time to clean and sanitize these surfaces can also help to keep your home clean and safe for everyone in the home.

This can be accomplished by working with a carpet cleaning company that can use the latest carpet cleaning and sanitization processes. This deep cleaning process can help to rid your home of the novel coronavirus and keep your family healthier inside your home.

Technician sanitizing carpets in a residents home in seattle wa

The Power Pup Clean Difference

At Power Pup Clean, we have spoken with many customers who want to know more about what they can do to protect their families and loved ones from COVID19 infection. They want to make sure that their homes remain safe and clean so that they can rest comfortably and securely.

We know that our customers will be glad to know that our trusted carpet cleaning process can help them. Those who want to take their cleaning efforts even further can inquire about our sanitization processes to see how we can help them dig deep into their carpets and help to kill off any potentially dangerous viruses that may have made it into their homes. To protect the health and well-being of our customers during the coronavirus pandemic, we have also rolled out the option of contactless cleaning.

Our industry-leading cleaning process

Our cleaning process employs EPA registered industrial-strength cleaners that will help to protect your carpets and upholstery while also giving them a strong scrub to help eliminate harmful contaminants.

We follow the latest best practices to protect both our employees and our customers, including their pets. Our encapsulation process, which crystallizes and locks in any dirt and grime, will lift out contaminants from your carpets in a green-friendly way that you can trust.

Since our process uses significantly less water than traditional cleaning methods, you know that giving your carpets this thorough cleaning will minimize any negative impact on the environment. We take our dedication to providing green services very seriously and do everything possible to protect the earth and the health of those in the home throughout the cleaning.

Bolstering the cleaning process with sanitization

If you want to really rid your carpets of any potential germs, we also offer a thorough sanitization package that will help to rid your carpets of any viruses that could cause illnesses, including the coronavirus. The potential for these dangerous pathogens to live on surfaces for days at a time only increases the chance for infection, and so knowing that you have taken every step possible to eliminate their presence from your home will help everyone feel more comfortable.

Customers who decide to supplement their cleaning with our sanitization process know that we will continue to use EPA-approved cleaners. These cleaners use the latest technology to kill viruses and bacteria without harming the carpets or creating air pollution that could harm the health of those who live in the home.

Our powerful sanitation process will kill over 99.99% of germs and is derived from plant extracts. This means it offers the best protection for your carpet while also being 100% non-topic and healthy for everyone in your home, including your pets.

Our technicians are also IICRC-certified, indicating that they have been trained to follow the highest standards of carpet cleaning and disinfection. You can trust that all of our equipment has been completely disinfected between uses, as well, ensuring that our customers remain completely confident in their cleaning job. To learn more about our sanitization package, click here.

This pandemic has created a challenging time for people across the Seattle area. We want to help our customers stay healthy and create clean environments for themselves and their loved ones. Our cleaning services can help our customers further protect themselves and ensure that the flooring and upholstery in their home have been carefully cleaned to avoid spreading any kind of infection. To learn more about how Power Pup Clean can serve you, please reach out to us today.

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