Carpet Cleaning Services for Private Yachts and Boats

Seattle Yacht Carpet Cleaning

Yachts and boats are an investment. Protect that investment by keeping it clean and well-maintained. Regardless of how careful you are, the sea air is going to bring salt, dirt, and dust into your boat. Your carpets are going to need a thorough, deep cleaning to restore them to their earlier splendor.

Regular Maintenance for Yacht and Boat Carpets

Regular carpet maintenance not only refreshes the look of your boat but it also ensures that your carpet will last a long time. Cleaning your carpet regularly with a deep cleaning tool is one of the best ways to improve your carpet’s longevity. Standard equipment such as vacuums and at-home shampooers simply push dirt deeper into your carpet; though they may appear to clean your carpet’s surface, they aren’t going to truly extract the dust, dirt, and salt that will build up over time.

Without regular maintenance, dirt and dust can build up in your carpet fibers, causing them to rub up against each other and fray. Once your carpet is dulled and frayed, it will collect dust, dirt, and salt even faster, therefore making it even more difficult to clean. A carpet that is not regularly maintained will also begin to take on an odor — and, when subject to moisture on a boat, the carpet may also begin to mold and mildew. Keeping your carpet clean and dry is incredibly important on your boat, both to keep it looking great and smelling great.

Stain and Spot Treating for Yacht Carpets

Yacht Carpet CleaningIn addition to regular maintenance, yacht and boat carpets may need to be treated for stains and spots. As with any carpet, sometimes stains can set in and be difficult to remove. You may find that you can remove visible stains but they simply “come back,” as they are wicking out from the interior of the carpet. The older your carpet is, the more likely it is to be susceptible to staining — and the more difficult it is to treat the stain without damaging it. Our advanced stain treatment services are designed to lift stains without harming your carpets.

And that doesn’t just go for carpets — it also includes upholstery around your yacht. Whether you have dirt stains on your carpet or red wine stains on your seat cushions, we can find a way to get those stains out. Our extraction techniques can leave cloth looking like new again, by penetrating all the way through.

Through our advanced technologies, we can clean your carpet to make it look like new. We have stain removing technology and can make your carpets look brighter again, by removing all the extra dirt and dust that may have collected since the carpet was last cleaned. Further, we are able to offer emergency carpet cleaning services, for those who have experienced major staining or issues resulting from a disaster, such as a significant storm. The faster you get your carpet cleaned, the better.

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