Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Hardwood floors are beautiful, with plenty of natural character to lend them their charm. Over time, though, hardwoods can lose some of their natural beauty as dirt, grime, grit and greasy residue coat the surfaces, dulling your floor’s finish and grinding in to the wood fibers where they can cause considerable damage and make your wood floors look plenty dingy. Muddy paws and oily fur can only make the problem worse.

Protecting Your Hardwoods

At Power Pup Clean, we use state-of-the-art cleaning techniques developed specifically for delicate hardwood floors to remove layers of ground-in dirt and grime on your floor’s surface, revealing your beautiful floors without harming their finish. Our eco-friendly products are designed to be powerfully effective, yet gentle and safe enough for pets and kids. That means you can enjoy the beauty of your natural hardwoods without worrying about chemical residues or fumes that can make pets or children sick. Plus, a portion of all our profits goes toward helping area animal shelters do their job.

The BEST Cleaning Solution for Your Wood Floors

Power Pup Clean uses a special cleaning process specifically developed for cleaning wood floors to help remove even deep-down dirt and grime so they look their best. We start by vacuuming floors thoroughly to remove loose debris and grime. Then we apply a special pre-treatment solution to help break up and dissolve stubborn deposits of grime and oils that can cause stains. Next, we use a special strong extraction method to remove oils and dirt before making a final pass to remove any residues. Finally, we carefully apply a finishing product to help restore the wood’s natural luster. And we don’t just clean hardwoods. Our products and processes are safe enough for laminates and engineered wood floors, too.

Our cleaning experts work hard keeping homes and businesses clean and fresh in and around Seattle and throughout King County, as well as Pierce and Thurston Counties. If your floors could benefit from a safe, deep cleaning, give us a call today at 206-931-8758 and schedule your appointment.


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