Why choosing a green carpet cleaning company really matters

Carpets can serve many purposes in your home. They help to add warmth and decoration to the space, allowing you to coordinate colors and designs while also insulating the floors and contributing to the comfort of those using the room.

Since these carpets have been purposefully selected, you also want to make sure that you take the time to care for your carpets correctly. You know that proper care will help your flooring look as good as new for years to come.

As a customer, however, it is important for you to realize that the chemicals you use in your carpet cleaning really matter. Selecting green cleaning companies who will not only care for your carpet, but will do so in a way that allows them to also care for the environment, can make an enormous difference. Here are just a few reasons why the company you choose and the chemicals they use on your carpet matter.

The health of your indoor airIndoor air quality refers to the air quality within the home. Let Seattle's Carpet Cleaning Specialists improve your health and comfort level indoors by cleaning your floors.

Air naturally contains more contaminants in most people’s homes than the outdoor air. Since the indoor air is contained, it begins to accumulate more dust and dirt particles than the outside air, as it has fewer opportunities to ventilate.

However, your family likely spends a lot of their time indoors. No one wants their families breathing in additional pollutants. You want to do everything you can to protect your family members.

Traditional cleaning products can contain dangers such as skin irritants, carcinogens, and chemicals that can cause damage to a variety of internal organs. Using these conventional cleaners can release these types of chemicals into the air and have them saturate the carpets in your home. Family members and pets alike will later be walking and sitting on the carpets, and thus become exposed to these harmful ingredients. As the ingredients get into the air, they will also deplete the air quality in your home.

The traditional cleaning products also pose a threat to the environment

If you use a conventional carpet cleaning company, you will encounter further problems when they then try to rinse the dangerous chemicals out of the carpets. The water and cleaners have to go somewhere. Often they end up in the water system, passing through the sewers or even ending up in bodies of water through runoff. These chemicals can then pose a serious threat to the health of the environment. This includes the plants and animals who may become exposed to harmful toxins from the carpet cleaners.

Protect the quality of your carpet

Not only do the harmful toxins of conventional cleaners pose a threat to health, but they also do not help you care for your carpet. Although they might do a good job of lifting out stains, they can be very hard on the fibers of your carpet. They can cause the fibers of the carpet to begin to breakdown prematurely. Therefore, they can shorten the lifespans of the material. You might find yourself having to replace your carpets at a far greater frequency when you use these harsher cleaning chemicals.

eco friendly carpet cleaning specialists in seattle restore carpet to its former glory

Reduce the amount of water needed to effectively clean your carpets

Generally, green cleaning techniques also require less water to work effectively compared to traditional cleaning strategies. This means that cleaning the carpets in your home will not require as much water to accomplish, which in turn reduces the water waste produced throughout the process. Reducing water waste further helps to protect the environment. It also minimizes the amount of water with chemicals that can be accidentally introduced to the water supply.

Bellevue WA resident breathing in the clean air of her freshly cleaned home, done by Power Pup Clean

When it comes to keeping the carpets in your home clean, you want to find the cleaning company that will not only help keep your carpets looking beautiful, but also helps to protect the health of those who live in your home and the surrounding environment. When it comes time to get your carpets clean, consider taking the time to look for a green carpet cleaner to help you get the best possible clean that your carpets need.

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