Keeping your carpets clean in the face of winter

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When the winter winds begin to blow, many people think immediately about how to protect themselves from the harsh temperatures. They bundle up in cold-weather clothing, increase their usage of moisturizing lotion, and otherwise protect their bodies from the changing seasons.

What many people overlook, however, is how harsh the changing weather can also be on the rugs and carpets in their homes. This season also presents many challenges for these carpets, and owners need to pay attention to make sure that they take the necessary steps to keep the carpet from getting too worn out or stained.



Consider these common dangers for your carpets and reasons to see to their cleaning.

The salt from the roads

Keep carpets clean in the face of winter

If the weather turns icy, cities and towns will often put out salt on the roads to protect them from the formation of ice. However, this ice can then get tracked into homes on the bottoms of people’s shoes and on their pets’ paws. This salt can then damage the rugs and carpets in the home.

The regular rotation of guests

The winter season is also often a holiday season. People find themselves hosting out-of-town relatives and parties for the holidays. But, this means that even more people will bring in dirt and mud on the bottom of their shoes, and the carpets will experience an increase in wear and tear from the steady stream of people moving in and out of the home.

The air quality

The dirt and grime of the carpets can also impact the air quality of the home. Since during the cold winter months, people spend more time indoors and are less likely to let fresh air into their home through open windows and doors, the air quality of the home can begin to decline. The dirt and dust on the carpets can make the air quality even worse throughout the season.

Keep your carpets clean and looking their best all winter long by following these tips.

Do not be afraid to get your carpets cleaned in the winter

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Many people wait until the warmer weather to get their carpets cleaned, but they should not be nervous about getting this done in the winter. Particularly after the holidays and party season has ended, and your carpets have taken a beating, getting them professionally cleaned can help reduce the damage all that dirt and grime might have done. Rather than allowing the contaminants to sit, a quality green carpet cleaning job will eliminate them, which reduces staining and limits the opportunity for the grime to cause long term damage to the carpet.

Additionally, many people find that since the air is dryer in the winter, it can actually work well as a time to get the carpets cleaned. The dry air makes it easier for the carpets to dry after the cleaning job.

The key is making sure that only healthy ingredients are used by seeking out green carpet cleaning companies.

Encourage people to remove their shoes

One of the best ways to keep carpets clean during the dirty winter months remains the removal of shoes. By stopping family members and visitors from tracking in the damaging salt, dirt, and mud into the home from the beginning, naturally less will get on the carpets. This will also prolong the life of the carpet and help it continue to look beautiful.

Create a regular cleaning schedule

Each home should also set up a regular cleaning schedule to ensure that the carpets are well-cared for. This should include regular vacuuming to get up as much of the dirt and debris as possible. Make sure the vacuum is well-maintained, including regularly having a fresh bag to help maximize its performance.

Having the materials on hand to spot clean any spills or other potential stains will also help. Acting quickly greatly increases the chances of removing a stain entirely.

Carpets can take a tremendous beating as the weather begins to turn and the cold weather sets in. With more contaminants out on the roads and sidewalks, along with more guests and family members tracking them inside, the carpets need the care and attention they deserve to keep them looking fresh and beautiful. Consider the potential wear and tear on your carpets, and review these tips to ensure that you do all that you can to keep your carpet looking fresh.

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