Cargo Ship Carpet Cleaning in Seattle

Few carpets undergo as much abuse as those on cargo ships. Cargo ships experience not only a lot of foot traffic, but also an extraordinary amount of cargo being moved, shifted, and placed. Cargo ships often have heavy duty, industrial carpets, and while these carpets are protected against wear-and-tear, they aren’t protected from the residue that cargo can leave behind. Regular carpet cleaning is necessary to protect the carpets, the cargo, and the employees.

The Methods of Carpet Cleaning for Cargo Ships

Cargo Ship Carpet Cleaning in Seattle

For cargo ships, there are multiple methods of cleaning that may be used. Steam cleaning, shampoo cleaning, and dry cleaning will all be used to lift stains from the carpet, which may include industrial stains such as grease and oil. Protecting solutions will be used after cleaning to make it harder for chemicals and spills to adhere to the carpet. For tougher stains, a special cleaning solution can be used that will penetrate deeply into the carpet and lift stains for the purposes of easier extraction.

Cargo ships have many challenges when it comes to cleaning. Not only can there be grease or oil spilled, but this is also mixed with salt from the air and dirt and dust that is tracked in from employees. Cargo ships may find some of their carpet saturated with water, and may struggle to dry their carpets before they pick up an odor. Though all staining cannot be prevented on a cargo ship, many stains can be lifted through a combination of cleaning solutions, steam, and extraction.

Cleaner Carpets Mean Safer Cargo Ships

The CMA CGM Benjamin Franklin,<br /> the largest cargo ship to visit the United States, arrives Monday along the Seattle waterfront as it heads to Terminal 18 in Seattle. The Benjamin Franklin is more than 1,300 feet long, 177 feet wide and has a draft of 52 feet. London is the Benjamin Franklin's home port.

Carpet cleaning may not be for aesthetic appearances on a cargo ship, but instead for safety and for cost. Clean carpets are less likely to become slippery or sticky, both of which can make the floor extremely dangerous. You don’t want employees slipping or tripping, especially when they are holding heavy objects.

In addition to improving safety, carpet cleaning also reduces overall costs. By improving the safety of the carpet, carpet cleaning reduces the chances that goods could be damaged. Further, a regularly cleaned carpet will last much longer than a carpet that gets dirty and is allowed to stay dirty. A dirty carpet may have caustic chemicals on it, which will eventually eat through the fibers. Dirt and dust will abrade the carpeting, and carpet that is not thoroughly dried will eventually grow mold and mildew.

By  properly cleaning your cargo ship carpets, you can make your cargo ship safer, more efficient, and more cost-effective. Our technologies can be used to both clean and pre-treat your carpeting, ensuring that they stay clean for longer while also restoring them to their previous appearance. Contact us for a no obligation quote for your cargo ship cleaning today.

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