Commercial Tile Cleaning

Tile floors have a lot going for them – they’re classic, durable, easy to care for and versatile, providing a timeless appeal for all sorts of businesses. But despite their low-maintenance profile, after heavy foot traffic, tile – and especially grout lines – can start to look pretty grungy. Suddenly, mopping and scrubbing just don’t seem to be effective in removing grout stains and returning the luster of your tile floors. Sound familiar? Then you need the deep cleaning and restorative care that can only be provided by a leading tile and grout cleaner like Power Pup Clean.

Top Commercial Tile and Grout Cleaner

At Power Pup Clean, we offer the most advanced methods of tile and grout cleaning for businesses in and around Seattle, Federal Way, Bellevue, Tacoma, Gig Harbor and throughout the Puget Sound region, helping all types of businesses – from medical facilities to restaurants to retail establishments and everything in between – restore the beautiful appeal and easy-care surface of tile and grout.

Power Pup Clean’s eco-friendly cleaning products are effective enough to power away even the toughest of stains while still being safe for your tile surfaces – and for your customers. We don’t use health-compromising chemicals to get results – just patented methods and products designed specifically for tile and grout. And, our methods are safe for all types of tile, including stone, porcelain and ceramics.

Plus, once your floors are clean, we can apply a durable sealant to help keep your tiles bright and your grout lines grime-free between cleaning appointments.

Here’s the process we use:

  • First, we remove any loose grit or dirt with a thorough vacuuming to make sure your surface is ready for cleaning.
  • Then, we apply our environmentally-safe cleaners to break down dirt, grime and oils that make tiles and grout look dull, lackluster and just plain dirty.
  • Once the solution has done its job, we use gentle but powerful cleaning techniques to scrub away layers of grime without damaging your floors, extracting dirt and rinsing away residue for a beautiful result.
  • Finally, we seal your grout lines, helping them repel dirt and grime for up to two years.

Call today.

Your tile floors work hard for your business; now you can help them do their job beautifully with a special deep cleaning and restoration from Power Pup Clean. Call today at 206-931-8758 to schedule your appointment.


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