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As part of the beautiful Puget Sound region, Bellevue has lots to offer residents; but it also has fairly heavy rainfalls, and that makes for some muddy surroundings. That means when it comes to tracked-in mud and grime, Bellevue’s home and businesses get their fair share – and then some. And it can also mean keeping carpets, rugs, upholstery, and wood and tile floors looking their best is no simple task – it’s a year-round job that requires vigilance and regular maintenance to prevent ground-in dirt from forming permanent stains and lingering odors. With 20 years experience serving Bellevue, Power Pup Clean is exactly the company you need to call to keep your carpets and floors looking their best.

Why Bellevue Residents Choose Power Pup Clean

before-after-carpet-bellevueThe Puget Sound area is home to Power Pup Clean, the area’s leader in effective, eco-friendly services for:

Plus, our proprietary cleaning methods are ideal for pet stain removal – even ground-in stains that reach deep into your carpet or rug fibers. Our methods use very little water – far less than many of our competitors – so you can use your carpets, rugs and upholstery within an hour or so of treatment. And our solutions are all kid-, pet- and earth-friendly, so you can feel confident about the clean you’re getting.

If your carpets, upholstery or hard surfaces need a refresher course in looking and smelling, give Power Pup Clean a call today at 206-931-8758 and learn how we keep Bellevue homes and businesses looking their best.

Bellevue Carpet Cleaning Service Area

Bellevue Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning

When you hire someone to come to clean your carpets, you want to make your house feel crisp and clean. That means getting dirt and grime out of the house and making the air in the home healthier to breathe.

Unfortunately, too many Bellevue carpet cleaning customers end up hiring companies that use highly toxic chemicals on their carpets. Instead of just getting the dirt out, they end up adding countless toxic chemicals to their home. These chemicals enter the air they breathe and the water systems connected to their house. Their children and pets, living even closer to the carpet, bear the brunt of these dangerous chemicals.

These chemicals can cause cancer, irritate the lungs and throat, damage cells, and even depress the central nervous system.

The Power Pup Clean Difference

There is a green cleaning Bellevue solution.

At Power Pup Clean, we worked to create a green carpet cleaning solution that not only gives carpets a brilliant clean, but also helps to protect the environment in your home and all around you.

We have selected chemicals that have been approved by the EPA, are biodegradable and have low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). That means they are healthier to breathe and will not have such a devastating impact on the air all around us.

We also do not depend on trucks to power our cleaning machines, which further reduces the harmful toxins released into the air throughout the cleaning process. Our portable equipment is just as effective as the truck-mounted machines, but you can breathe easier knowing you do your part to protect our air.

Our green cleaning in Bellevue system means that the clean carpets we produce are child-friendly and pet-friendly. You will not have to worry about the health of these loved ones while they crawl around on the carpets after we have gotten them clean.

As a part of our green cleaning dedication, we also work to reduce noise pollution by using machines that do not release such incredible amounts of noise.

Not only are our chemicals safer, but we also work to avoid the over-consumption of water. We use specially formulated cleaners that require less water to get the job done. Our process of encapsulation then allows us to get your carpets to sparkle using only about two gallons of water– compared to our competitors who can use as much as 40 gallons to get the same area clean. Since our machines do not require as much water to get the job done, you also do not need to worry about us using water extractors to prolong the cleaning process. Nor will you have to let the carpets sit for hours to dry after we finish!

We have built our business around the values of customer service and living in harmony with the environment. We help our customers achieve the level of clean they would like to have, without having to sacrifice the ideals of taking care of the environment. We invite you to come and learn more about how you can get green carpet cleaning in Bellevue.

About Bellevue, Washington


As one of Washington’s fastest growing areas, Bellevue has received plenty of awards for its beautiful neighborhoods and trendy-yet—laid-back vibe – and considering its name is french for “beautiful view,” it’s no wonder. Yet, despite the rapid growth of recent years, Bellevue wasn’t always the business hub it’s grown to become; in fact, until the 1940 opening of the Lake Washington Floating Bridge Bellevue, like a lot of other areas around the Puget Sound region, was largely rural. Of course, all that farmland didn’t keep people from dreaming; a planning map from 1928 shows the area dotted with golf courses and airports – pretty forward-thinking considering the first piloted airplane flight took place only 25 years earlier and lasted just 12 seconds.

Downtown bellevue wa building serviced by Power Pup Carpet Cleaning Experts who specialize in cleaning commercial floors

As Seattle’s biggest satellite community, Bellevue retains a character all its own, a city filled with small-town charm as well as miles of hiking trails, plenty of public parks and green spaces, and even beaches for swimming. And of course, as headquarters to businesses as diverse as Microsoft and Eddie Bauer, the thriving city center has its own attractions for singles as well as families with kids (after all, having a nationally-recognized school system is pretty impressive).

Before and After Carpet Cleaning Pictures

Carpet cleaning experts remove stubborn pet stains in residential home in Bellevue utilizing encapsulation method
Green carpet cleaning experts Power Pup Clean restore carpets to look brand new with proprietary cleaning technology at Bellevue Washington residence











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