Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Seattle, WA

Our commercial carpet cleaners in Seattle are prompt & reliable and deliver excellent results.

Keeping your commercial carpets clean is important to you, your business and your customers. At Power Pup Clean, we help business in Seattle and throughout King, Pierce, and Thurston Counties keep their company carpets looking their best with powerful, earth-friendly solutions and proprietary methods aimed at achieving optimal results.

Commercial carpet cleaning: What to expect from our company

When the technician arrives at your business, before any cleaning begins, he or she will conduct a walk-through to determine your cleaning needs and to identify any stains or other areas that need special attention, including high-traffic areas. If it’s been some time since your last carpet cleaning, it’s a good idea to let the technician know what caused the stains and how long it’s been since the stain first occurred.

The cleaning begins with pre-treatment of these areas to help loosen stains so the cleaning process can be more effective. Our cleaning process uses the power of oxygen to break up and dissolve dirt, grime and oils that comprise most stains so they can be removed more completely and more successfully during cleaning.

Next, your entire carpet will be treated with our special cleaning solution, designed to reach deep into the fibers – even on densely-woven commercial carpets. Once the solution is applied, the technician will pass our carpet cleaning machine over the entire carpet to remove even stubborn, set-in stains and extract dirt and grime for a deep-down clean and elimination of odors.

Once the entire carpet has been cleaned, you and the technician will review the results, inspecting the treated area to ensure your satisfaction.

Our Commercial Carpet Cleaners Tailor to the Needs of Seattle Businesses

commercial carpet cleaning services in downtown Seattle and surrounding areas

Let’s face it: Seattle can get some rain. And rain means mud, and mud means dirty carpets for your business. Of course, we can’t blame every carpet stain on the wet weather. Depending on the type of business you’re in, your carpet can get dirty for lots of different reasons, including foot traffic, stains and even pet odors.

Whether your business sees high traffic or not, regular carpet cleaning is vital to extending the life of your carpet and keeping your business looking its best. Carpet cleaning with our green cleaning materials is also important for eliminating allergens and germs that can make your employees sick. And, not only do we offer the safest and most effective carpet cleaning solutions, but we use a low-moisture process that means your carpets will be ready to walk on just an hour after being cleaned, so there are no prolonged delays before you can start using your space again.

Schedule your commercial carpet cleaning appointment for your business or office today.

With more than 20 years of professional carpet cleaning to our credit, we understand the unique carpet-cleaning needs of different types of businesses, and we can help ensure your business gets the right type of cleaning on a schedule that suits your company’s needs. We offer flexible scheduling to suit your busy schedule, and our fast-drying process means you can have your carpets cleaned during “off hours” with no worries about interrupting the flow of business. Give us a call today at 206-931-8758, and let us show you how we can help you keep your commercial carpets cleaner and fresher.


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