Ferry Carpet Cleaning in Seattle, WA

Ferry Carpet Cleaning Services in Seattle Washington

Ferries see large volumes of passengers on and off throughout the day. Though trips may be short, ferries are often in commission for long periods of time, and therefore see a lot of wear-and-tear over all of the surfaces throughout the vessel. As passengers move in and out, they will bring luggage and other heavy items, causing additional wear and spills. In many ways, ferry carpet cleaning is similar to cruise ship carpet cleaning: upkeep is essential for the best in visitor satisfaction and safety.

Providing a Better Experience through Ferry Carpet Cleaning

With our carpet de-odorizing and stain fighting technologies, carpets we clean look and smell like new again. Whether your guests will be on the ferry for minutes or hours, they will experience a clean, fresh, and healthy atmosphere. Over time, ferry carpets are going to build up dirt and debris. The sea water will penetrate the carpeting, leaving behind salt and moisture. Mildew can grow throughout the carpet and the carpet may begin to mold. We are able to mitigate these issues through regular cleaning, steam cleaning, and extraction.

Get Back on the Water With Our Short Drying Times

You don’t have to stay docked for long with our special services, which dry carpets quickly after they’ve been cleaned. Ferries often need to run on very tight schedules; our marine-specialized services understand this. With the right cleaning solutions, we can clean your ferry with 80% less water. With less water, you need less extraction and less cleaning time.

Reducing the need for more water also reduces the chances that mold and mildew can grow on your ferry. Mold and mildew aren’t just unpleasant to look at; they can lead to health issues, such as an increase in asthma or allergies.

Remove Even the Strongest Stains through Our Ship Cleaning

Seattle WA Ferry Cleaning ServicesWe provide cleaning for everything from cruise ships to cargo ships; there isn’t a stain that we can’t lift. Ferries can experience a mixture of stains, including grease stains that can seem impossible to get rid of. Through our mixtures of environmentally friendly cleaning solutions, however, we can lift these stains from deep within, extracting them from your carpeting and making your carpet look like new again. That doesn’t just improve the look of your boat — it also improves its safety, as the last thing you want is a passenger slipping on a grease stain.

Our cleaning solutions don’t just work on carpets. We can also clean stains out of upholstery and other fabrics. Ferries are likely to experience everything from mud to spills. We can treat those stains quickly so you can continue to serve your passengers.

Ferry carpet cleaning is a challenge — except when it’s done by professionals. Professional stain treatment and carpet cleaning can keep your ferry’s carpet looking like new, while also reducing odors and sanitizing your ferry for your guests. If you want to improve your ferry’s appearance while also ensuring that you get the longest possible life out of your ferry’s carpeting, contact us today for a fast, no obligation quote.

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