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power pup clean provides comprehensive floor cleaning services including carpet cleaning, hardwood cleaning, tile and grout, and more

Power Pup Clean offers comprehensive carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile cleaning, and rug cleaning services for both residents and businesses throughout Lacey. At Power Pup Clean, we use an assortment of natural, green cleaning solutions designed to keep your home and business both person and pup-friendly. From area rugs to hardwood floor cleaning, our professional and friendly team of carpet cleaners are just waiting to make your flooring look brand new again.

Best Carpet Cleaning in Lacey

before and after carpet cleaningOther cleaning companies may use harsh chemicals in and around your home. These chemicals aren’t just potentially harmful to the environment — they can also reduce the air quality of your home, potentially harming your families and your pets. If you have small animals or small children, they can be especially vulnerable. At Power Pup Clean, we use gentle, all-natural cleaning solutions that are even more effective than other leading traditional cleaners. You’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that your home isn’t just clean: it’s safe. And, of course, the gentler the carpet cleaning is, the longer your carpet will last.

Though carpets may be our specialty, we can do far more than just that. We offer complete hardwood floor cleaning, rug cleaning, and tile and grout, for both businesses and families in Lacey. As a full service floor cleaning company, we can clean your whole house, even if you have multiple flooring types. The more frequently you have your floor professionally cleaned, the longer it will last. We’ll help you get the full value of your carpet or hardwood by removing the dust and dirt that could damage them. A professional, deep clean will even help your carpet and flooring keep clean for longer.

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About Lacey, WA


With over 20,000 residents, Lacey is one of the largest suburbs in Washington. Initially settled in 1853 as “Woodland,” Lacey now operates as an extensive residential offshoot of Olympia. Lacey is quickly developing into a city of its own however, with businesses such as LA Fitness, Costco, and Best Buy slowly moving into the area. That’s why Power Pup Clean offers extensive commercial services in addition to residential cleaning. An official “Green Power Community” — and the 12th city to be given this honor by the Environmental Protection Agency — residents and business owners in Lacey take green living seriously. And Lacey residents can get only the best in green carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning through Power Pup Clean. Book your appointment today.

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