Cruise Ship Carpet Cleaning in Seattle

cruise ship carpet cleaning in seattle

With guests constantly moving in and out and the ship itself sailing from port to port, cruise ships have a lot to keep up. Every area of a cruise ship needs to be clean and fresh for passengers, which can be a daunting task considering the sheer volume of floor space that a cruise ship has. Luckily, outsourcing marine carpet cleaning services to a professional team can make carpet clean up a breeze.

Wear and Tear on Cruise Ship Carpets

Cruise ship carpets experience an incredible amount of traffic, not only from passengers but also their luggage. Passengers are constantly moving from compartment to compartment, leaving at ports, and venturing off to activities and events. At each port of call, passengers are tracking in dirt and debris, and all of it has to be handled by the staff.

Though vacuum cleaning may be able to take care of the carpets during the journey, deep cleaning is necessary to truly clean carpets between journeys. As passengers move through the cruise ship, they are grinding the dirt and salt further into the carpet fibers. This dirt is not going to be released without a deep cleaning, with effective, deep extraction machines.

Providing Better Health and Comfort to Cruise Ship Guests

When cruise ship carpets aren’t properly cleaned, it leads to unhealthy, unhappy guests. Carpets that aren’t cleaned will eventually develop mold and mildew, getting a “slick” or slimy feeling and an odor. Carpets won’t appear to be clean, and guests will be able to see that they aren’t fresh or well-maintained. Guests may experience allergic reactions or asthma, due to the dust and dirt trapped within the carpet. With every step, dust will be released into the air.

Deep cleaning your cruise ship carpets can provide a better, cleaner overall experience for your guests, improving their perception of your cruise and enhancing their personal health. Your guests will have better air quality and a sanitized floor surface, which will contribute to fewer illnesses on the ship and a better time to be had by all.

And it isn’t just the guests that will benefit from this — employees will also be working in an environment that is less likely to cause allergies, asthma, and other dirt and dust-related issues.

Removing Cruise Ship Carpet Stains Quickly

cruise ship carpet cleaning servicesWith so much going on during every cruise, it’s no surprise that staining can occur. If a cruise ship cannot remove the stain, they often need to replace the carpet; they can’t give the guests stained carpeting. However, there’s an alternative: professional stain services. We offer professional stain fighting designed for even stubborn carpet stains, ranging from food stains to pet stains. The faster our services are called in, the better the outcomes will be.

Our cruise ship services include odor removal and sanitization, to ensure that your guests remain well-protected and that your carpet looks like new again. Apart from our professional stain fighting technologies, we can also provide deep cleaning extraction for the entirety of your ship, adding to the longevity of your carpet. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote.

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