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Safe Carpet Cleaning for those with Chemical Sensitivities

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Safe Carpet Cleaning for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

carpet cleaning for chemically sensitive individuals in seattle wa

Carpet, rug, and upholstery cleaning is often done with harsh, abrasive chemicals, which can be harmful to chemically sensitive individuals. Those who are sensitive to chemicals may experience rashes, difficulty breathing, or allergic reactions when they are exposed. But a lack of cleaning can also result in issues: most chemically sensitive individuals are also extremely sensitive to allergens, such as pollen, dust, and dander. The solution is chemically safe carpet cleaning from a hypoallergenic carpet cleaning service, such as Power Pup Clean. We specialize in carpet cleaning for those that may have chemical and allergic sensitivities.



The Importance of Cleaning for Chemically Sensitive Families

hypoallergenic carpet cleaning in seattle safe for your familyOver time, carpets capture dirt and debris that cannot be removed through vacuuming alone. If you have pets or a large family, this problem becomes even worse. Whenever your carpet is stepped on, it releases pollen and dander into the air, making your air quality worse. At best, this can lead to allergic reactions such as sniffling and sneezing. At worst, the allergic reactions can actually compromise your immune system, making it more likely that you and your family will get sick.

But harsh chemicals can introduce problems as well. Many harsh chemicals introduce vapors into the air, which can be unpleasant or even harmful. Inside of a house, it may take a long time for these chemicals to dissipate. By using natural, gentle products, these side effects can be reduced and removed, leaving only a clean and healthy carpet behind.

Environmentally-Friendly and Chemically Sensitive Cleaningenvironmentally friendly carpet cleaning in seattle wa

Carpet cleaning doesn’t have to be done through the use of harsh chemicals. Environmentally safe, gentle solutions can instead be used to clean carpeting without causing potential damage to your family’s health. This also has the side effect of being more sensitive to the environment. Harsh chemicals often run off into the surrounding area, injuring both plant and animal life. Additionally, the use of gentler chemicals throughout the carpet cleaning process will also make carpeting last longer. When carpeting is damaged by harsh chemicals, it becomes rough and abraded — not only losing its appearance, but also capturing even more dirt faster.

Regular and gentle cleaning is the best way to maintain both your carpet and your interior air quality. But it’s also important to make sure that the cleaning process isn’t disruptive to your sensitive environment. Through the use of gentle and natural cleaning solutions, you can avoid the harsh effects that many chemicals cause, both in terms of air quality and skin contact. Power Pup Clean is truly a green carpet cleaning company that uses 100% natural cleaning solutions, safe for your children and pets. See and experience the difference today, and call us to schedule your appointment!

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