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The Best Carpet Cleaning Company in Seattle

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The Best Carpet Cleaning Company in Seattle

before and after pic of carpet cleaning job of stairwell in seattle residenceWe are proud to be able to provide the community of Seattle with only the best in residential and commercial green carpet cleaning services. From pet stains to rug cleaning, we offer two decades of experience in stain treatment and carpet cleaning to our valued customers. Our environmentally conscious services come with some major benefits over the competition:

  • We offer pet-friendly, child-friendly carpet cleaning services. We don’t use harsh chemicals to clean your carpets – we only use safe, organic chemicals that will not harm the environment or your household. Other carpet cleaners may use harsher chemicals that may have volatile organic compounds, which can damage the quality of your air.
  • Where other competitors use 40 gallons of water, we only use two. Through our specialized encapsulation process, we are able to lift deep stains, dirt, debris, and allergens without having to waste water. Other competitors use messy extraction techniques, which also means that they need to use heavy equipment to flood your carpeting with water and then extract it.
  • Your carpets will dry in an hour, not hours. Because we only use a little water, you don’t have to worry about your carpet drying. Otherwise you could find yourself dealing with mold issues and other problems – especially during the more humid, warmer seasons. You won’t need to open all the windows and doors to dry your carpet after one of our cleanings!
  • Our technicians are highly trained and specialized. They know how to get rid of even the toughest stains, to make sure that your carpet
    is able to look brand new again. When you need an expert, you need us.
  • A portion of all our sales are donated to local animal shelters. We care about the community – and the people and the animals within it. We are dedicated to giving back and we are honored by the trust and loyalty our customers have given us.
  • We are family-owned and family-operated. We know the importance of your home and your household – and we care about your family best carpet cleaners in seattle residential commercialand your business. We know the health risks that are associated with harmful chemicals… and that’s why we don’t use them, ever.
  • We have special solutions to remove odors. Sometimes your carpet can look perfect, but you can still be experiencing a strange odor. This is especially true if you have pets. We have special, green solutions designed to remove odors where they start. We don’t just cover odors: we remove them entirely so that you can once again enjoy your home.
  • We guarantee our results. If you’re not happy with your service, we’ll return to your home and treat your carpet again within a week. We pride ourselves on our quality of service: we aren’t happy unless you are.

We care about the community and we care about our customers. We strive to provide a service that isn’t just cost-effective and efficient, but is also environmentally responsible. We want to make sure that your home and your business are clean, healthy, happy environments. That makes us the best and the most trusted carpet cleaning service in the Seattle metro area. Give us a call today and see why we are Seattle’s carpet cleaning specialists!

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