Are you thinking about replacing your carpet? Before you go through that costly and time-consuming step, you might want to consider a professional cleaning. For most carpets, a professional cleaning is an environmentally-friendly way to get them looking, smelling, and feeling brand new again. Many homeowners and business owners are stunned to find out that their carpets can be almost completely reclaimed with a few hours of professional cleaning. 

Decreasing Your Carbon Footprint

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Manufacturing, shipping, and installing carpet — it all takes a lot of money. You don’t just need to consider the carpet itself, but also the padding, and the process of installation. And once your carpet is torn out of your home, it isn’t going to get recycled. It’s very likely to instead end up in a landfill somewhere, taking up space. After all, where else will a dirty carpet go?

But removing your carpet isn’t the only option. If you’re committed to decreasing your carbon footprint, what you really want to do is clean your carpet. A quick cleaning at regular intervals can be enough to ensure that your carpet lasts you decades of time — and that it looks great for the duration. 

Environmentally-Friendly Carpet Cleaning

Not only is carpet cleaning naturally more environmentally-friendly than replacing it entirely, but there are also special eco-friendly processes that are designed to be even more green. These processes use natural, healthy cleaning solutions that won’t harm the environment — and that, consequently, are safe for your family and your home. These processes additionally use far less water than traditional carpet cleaning, while still achieving the same quality of cleaning. Using less water has the additional benefit of ensuring that carpets dry quickly and that they don’t get musty or smell stale.

Professional Carpet Restoration Services

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When an emergency has occurred, it’s easy to assume your carpet has to be written off as a loss. Floods, fires, and other emergencies can cause damage to look, smell, and feel ruined. But that’s where restoration can enter in. Carpet restoration completely cleans the carpet all the way through, removing stains and odors through the use of advanced cleaning solutions.

But carpet restoration isn’t just for emergencies. Over time, carpet can easily build up dirt, dust, debris, stains, and odors. A full carpet restoration will bring carpet back to life, making it attractive and comfortable again. This can also increase the overall health of your home, as it will improve upon air quality and cleanliness.

If you want to keep your carpet looking like new — and save the environment — it’s ideal to get it cleaned at least once per year by a professional. This will make your carpet last longer, as over time dirt and staining will damage your carpet more. At Power Pup Clean, we offer completely green carpet cleaning services for both residential and business customers

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