Carpet. It’s one of the most versatile options for flooring available. From durable low pile commercial carpets to luxurious shag, there’s something for everyone. If you’re thinking about installing new flooring in your home, there are some significant benefits you should consider when it comes to carpet. Here are some of the most popular ones.

1. Carpet is Comfortable8 Reasons Why You Should Have Carpet in Your Home in Seattle WA

Above all, most people choose carpet for comfort. This is why even homes with hardwood floors usually have carpet in the bedrooms. It’s not just that it feels better on your feet, it’s also less taxing on your joints. It’s easier to stand up for long periods of time on carpet without hurting your feet—and you can sit on the floor or recline on the floor if you desire. You can even improve the comfort of the carpet even further by purchasing a thicker padding to go under it. All-in-all, it’s by far the most comfortable flooring option.

2. Carpet is Warm

During those cold winter nights, carpet really shines. When you step out of bed onto a carpeted floor, the floor doesn’t pull the temperature right out of your feet. Carpeting doesn’t transfer temperature, which also helps increase the ambient temperature of the rooms. Most flooring options that aren’t carpet are going to be excessively cold during the colder months, which can lead to them being unpleasant to walk on. A well-carpeted, well-padded floor is essentially an additional layer of insulation that can help increase your home’s warmth.

3. Carpet Doesn’t Dent or Scratch

Carpet is one of the most durable options for flooring. You don’t need to worry about furniture scratching or denting it and it can always be washed if something has been spilled on it. Other types of flooring option can be far more difficult to repair; a cracked tile, for instance, has to be removed entirely and replaced. If you damage your hardwood too significantly, you need to be able to find hardwood to match and replace the damaged plank. Comparatively, you can patch carpet if it gets damaged. If you’re worried about the maintenance and repairs of your flooring options, choose carpet.

4. Carpet Dampens SoundCarpet absorbs the sounds of pets and children providing for a more comfortable living environment

There’s a reason why most apartments install carpet. Carpet naturally dampens sounds. This is most important if you have a second floor, but it can really be important for any room—especially if you have an entertainment system in it. Carpet will naturally muffle sounds in one room, so they don’t transfer into the other rooms. And if you have pets or children, it will muffle the sounds of them running around and playing! (In addition to cushioning any playful falls.) You can pair your carpet with a thicker pad to dampen sounds even further.

5. Carpet Provides a Healthier Space

Carpet acts as a natural filter by collecting dust and fur, and trapping allergens. With tile and hardwoods, such particulate matter will go into your vents, your air supply, and everywhere else. The dust is just going to collect in the corner of your home and get pulled into the air every time someone moves. Carpet neatly captures dust, dirt, and dander so it can be extracted with the use of a vacuum cleaner later on. By reducing airborne allergens, carpet improves air quality and supports healthier spaces for living. Of course, you still are going to need a professional cleaning every once in a while, because this dust can get ground into the carpet’s fibers and even penetrate down to the carpet padding.

6. Carpet is Easy to Clean

Compared to some flooring options, carpet’s extremely easy to clean. As long as you vacuum it regularly and occasionally invest in a professional cleaning, it will still look brand new. Compare this to something like natural stone flooring, which needs to be regularly sealed—or tile flooring, which may require a periodic grout cleaning. Hardwood floors often need to be resurfaced to bring back their previous appearance—and linoleum and vinyl can scratch if you don’t clean them properly. If you don’t want to have to spend a lot of time on cleaning and maintenance, carpet flooring has a lot of advantages.

7. Carpet Comes in Many Different Styles

There’s a color and style for everyone with carpet. Depending on what you want your home’s style to look like, you have a wealth of options to choose from. Carpet can go into everything from ultra modern, sophisticated homes to classic and cozy homes.

8. Everyone Loves Carpet

Carpet is one of the most popular flooring options. If you ever go to sell your home, having carpet installed is not likely to be a deal breaker. Many people do want the benefits of a carpet floor. If you’re considering selling your home within the next few years, it’s a good idea to consider which renovations are going to prove to be most popular—and which options could potentially complicate a home sale.

Carpet is a durable, affordable, and versatile option. There’s a reason why so many homes come with carpet: it’s easy to maintain, can be customized to suit any decor, and support healthy living. Though some may worry that carpet may not be kept as clean as they really want, all it requires is vacuuming and an occasional professional cleaning. You can learn more about the benefits of carpet by following Power Pup Clean.


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  1. I will always say this. HIRE YOUR LOCAL CLEANERS! You don’t have to do it yourself or watch videos on how to do it. You can ruin that thing! So best to hire someone that can help you out professionally. I know I hire mine from I felt like they gave me a brand new carpet!

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