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Pet Stain Carpet Cleaning Service in Seattle

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If you have pet stains on your carpet, you probably need professional pet stain removal services. Pet stains are the most difficult stains to remove and usually cannot be dealt with through traditional at-home methods of cleaning. If left for a long time, pet stains will slowly get worse and may eventually permanently damage the carpet — and that means you’ll often need to replace both the carpet and the padding.

Removing Pet Stains from Carpet and Padding

Pet stains are particularly damaging and insidious because they tend to go through the carpet and into the padding of your floor. If your floor has concrete beneath, the pet stains (and associated odors) will also penetrate the concrete. This is impossible to clean without professional equipment. At-home carpet cleaning products won’t penetrate the padding; the stain will simply remain beneath.

Even without this complication, pet stains themselves tend to be very stubborn. Not only are the odors associated with these stains difficult to remove with commercial cleaners, but they can also leave a color or a film on the carpet. As this residue remains, it will collect dirt, pollen, and animal dander.

Professional Pet Stain Removal Services

Professional pet stain removal services have two major advantages: special cleaning formulas and extraction equipment. These enzymatic and natural cleaning formulas are able to break down stains extremely effectively, thereby making sure that the stains and the odors are both removed from the carpeting. These formulas are often designed to be organic and natural, so they are gentle on your carpet and safe for both children and pets.

Extraction equipment is also very important — extraction equipment is used to push water down to the surfaces beneath your carpet and then extract that water completely, thereby actually removing the residue that is causing both the staining and the odor. While pumping water through the padding is important, being able to extract it is even more important; it ensures that the carpeting dries quickly, that it does not mold or mildew, and that the stain is truly removed rather than being diluted.

The Dangers of At-Home Stain Removal

Many pet owners purchase or rent at-home carpet washing machines in hopes of treating their stains. Using at-home cleaning products and equipment can actually be harmful to your carpet. These machines tend to pump water into the carpet and padding but are unable to remove all of the water, leaving the carpet wet. Not only does this trap odors, but it also causes potentially dangerous situations such as mold. These machines also tend to damage carpets, which mean that they won’t last as long — and that they will be more likely to soak up subsequent accidents.

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Pet odors and stains have to be tackled on two fronts: the stain itself has to be completely removed and broken down and the carpeting has to be restored and dried. Professional pet cleaning services are the best way to tackle these difficult stains, and Power Pup Clean is Seattle’s best pet stain removal company. The professionals at Power Pup Clean have the skills, proprietary cleaning solutions, and top of the line extraction equipment needed to get rid of those pesky pet stains and bring your carpet back to life. Contact us today for a free quote!

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