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Is Green Cleaning As Good As Chemical Carpet Cleaning?

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Is Green Cleaning As Good As Chemical Carpet Cleaning?

Everyone wants to do their part to help the environment, just like everyone wants a clean, healthy and happy home. Luckily you can have both. Green carpet cleaning services focus on delivering the best possible cleaning service with the smallest environmental footprint. The thoroughness and the effectiveness of the cleaning service is not compromised.

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Gentle, Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions

Green carpet cleaning services use organic, biodegradable solutions that are gentle and safe – both for the environment and your family. These solutions don’t damage your air quality the way that harsher chemicals may and will not harm the environment if they are introduced to it via water runoff or other disposal. These chemicals are no less effective than harsher chemicals. And, after all, you wouldn’t want harsh chemicals on your carpet anyway. Traditional cleaning services operate by essentially introducing soap-filled water into your carpet and then lifting it up, hopefully removing dirt and debris with the water. Eco-friendly cleaning solutions are specially formulated to lift dirt directly.

Conserving Water through Green Cleaningking county's best green carpet cleaning company

Green carpet cleaning utilizes advanced encapsulation, rather than extraction, techniques to reduce the amount of water that has to be used throughout the cleaning process. This actually makes the cleaning process more effective and efficient. Your carpet will undergo less wear-and-tear throughout the process and the process itself will be faster. The goal of the green cleaning service is to remove the same amount of dirt, debris, and staining, with less water – and that’s good for the environment and good for your carpeting. Otherwise your carpeting will often be left damp, which can even lead to molding – especially in more humid environments.

Better Operational Strategies

Many of the environmentally-friendly improvements used by a green cleaning company won’t directly affect your services at all. Many green carpet cleaning companies utilize more fuel-efficient vehicles and stagger their jobs so that they travel less. They use lighter equipment so that they are easier to transport, and they make sure that all of their equipment is energy efficient. They may also have additional programs within the company itself to promote green awareness. None of these changes will directly affect the services that you are rendered, but they will help the environment significantly.

Portable Cleaning Equipment

Is Green Cleaning As Good As Chemical Carpet Cleaning?Green cleaning services generally use portable cleaning equipment rather than truck-mounted pumps. Truck-mounted pumps don’t just consume gas, but they also use a lot of water – they are designed to pump water into your carpeting and then extract as much of that water as possible. Portable cleaning equipment is far more effective and don’t have many of the major downsides, such as leaving your carpet extremely wet. Again, the service is able to deliver the same amount of cleaning performance but with lessened environmental impact.

Not only is green cleaning better for the environment, but many people feel that it’s safer for their home and their family as well. A green carpet cleaning company like Power Pup Clean will not use harsh chemicals that could potentially be dangerous to either people or pets. For those who want to make sure that their family’s environment is healthy and comfortable, green carpet cleaning makes more sense. Call the professionals at Power Pup Clean today, to see just how effective a green carpet cleaning can be!

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