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How Often Should You Clean Your Carpets, And Why?

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How Often Should You Clean Your Carpets, And Why?

If you’re only cleaning your carpets when they are visibly dirty, you’re probably not cleaning best carpet cleaning company in washington statethem often enough. Carpets need to be cleaned regularly for a variety of reasons, which don’t always directly relate to their appearance. Properly cleaned carpets will last longer, be healthier, and won’t retain unpleasant odors. In general, carpets will need to be cleaned at least once a year — and here’s why.

Carpet Collects Dirt and Debris

Carpet is designed to collect particles. These particles include dirt, debris, and even bacteria. For the most part, this is a good thing. Once the carpet has collected dust, debris, and fur, it can be safely vacuumed up. But a vacuum – even when used regularly – cannot pick up everything that is on your carpet. Over time, the carpet will begin to collect particles along with grease and dirt. Only a deep cleaning can lift it all.

If your carpet collects too much without a thorough, deep cleaning, it ceases to be beneficial. Instead, it begins to accrue more dirt and debris, which it will eventually release into the air – ultimately becoming a health issue. Dirty carpeting can even cause rashes or other allergy issues if touched.

Dirty Carpet Doesn’t Last as Longcarpet cleaning maintenance chart

If you want your carpet to last as long as it should, you need a regular deep cleaning. When dirt and other particles get captured within a carpet, they eventually wear the carpet fibers down. Carpet fibers become frayed, damaged, and dulled – eventually you will no longer have the “new” appearance of the carpet even after you vacuum. You can often see this with rugs left outside.

This is why manufacturers recommend that their carpet be cleaned regularly if they are to last the full length of their warranty. By investing in carpet cleaning, you can actually save money – in other words, carpet cleaning is actually the cost-effective solution.

Carpet Padding Can Collect Odorscarpet-odors

Even if you clean your carpets using at-home carpet cleaners or steam cleaners, you can’t get down to the carpet’s padding. Over time, the carpet’s padding will collect odors from old stains and spills. If you have pets, the situation can be even worse.

If you find that your home constantly has its own “smell,” it’s often the padding that is to blame. The only thing you can do in this situation is invest in a deep cleaning. The longer that the stain lingers on the padding, the more likely it is to become a more permanent issue. You may even need to replace the padding entirely.

Because of the reasons outlined above, it’s important for you to clean your carpets at least every six to twelve months. These are the guidelines stated by the Environmental Protection Agency. Cleaning your carpets more often, however, may be necessary if you have a lot of traffic within your home or if you collect an unusual amount of dust and debris.

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