Common Myths About Carpet Cleaning

seattle area carpet cleaner power pup clean exposes some common carpet cleaning myths

Carpet is attractive and comfortable — but it can seem like a pain to keep it clean.  Many people aren’t maintaining and cleaning their carpet the way they should, which can lead to carpeting not lasting as long and not feeling as clean. Here are a few of the common myths about carpet cleaning that need to be addressed for those who want their carpeting to last as long as possible.

Myth #1: Cleaning Can Make Your Carpet Dirtier

This myth could come from at-home cleaning solutions, which often leave carpets feeling a little dirtier and greasier. But professional cleaning will never make your carpet dirtier; in fact, many professional cleaners can treat your carpet so it is more resistant to staining. At-home cleaning solutions can leave detergent on your floor, which can make it feel dirty and attracts dust, debris, and dander. Professional cleaners, however, will extract all their cleaning solutions, leaving behind no residue.

Myth #2: Any Carpet Cleaner Will Do

Carpet cleaning may sound simple, but it’s actually quite complex. Skilled, experienced professionals are able to clean and protect your carpet quickly, getting out stubborn stains and advising you on the best way to maintain your flooring. Anyone can start a carpet cleaning business — that doesn’t necessarily mean they are qualified to operate the specialized equipment or experienced enough to be able to treat your carpet appropriately. You should always look for professionals with a solid reputation who have been in the business for a considerable amount of time.

Myth #3: Carpet Should Be Cleaned When Dirty

Cleaning carpet isn’t just to remove stains and visible dirt. Carpet cleaning is to improve the life of your carpet. Non-visible dirt, bacteria, and grease will collect on the strands of your carpeting. Though you may not be able to see these things, they are still contributing to the wear of your carpet and abrading the strands. Over time, this will make your carpet look old and dull. Professional carpet cleaning is a required type of maintenance that is designed to make your carpet last longer, not just look great.

Myth #4: Steam Cleaning Is Best

Steam cleaning methods are one of the most popular methods of carpet cleaning, but that doesn’t mean that it is the most optimal way or the only way. There are a variety of techniques that can be used for cleaning, including dry cleaning methods. A professional can advise a homeowner on the best method for them.

Professional cleaning services are the best way to maintain your carpet. Power Pup Clean uses safe, environmentally-friendly methods to extract dirt, odors, and stains from your carpeting, making it look fresh and new again — and protecting it from damage. Contact us today to find out more about the benefits of our carpet cleaning service.

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